Dean Demellweek

Dean Demellweek

Digital Transformation Lead & Blockchain Evangelist, BNP Paribas

Dean has been working in the Financial Services industry for the past 15 years. By operating at the intersection of business, technology and innovation, he has earned his current (very cool) title of a Digital Transformation Leader and Blockchain Evangelist.


Dean believes that the only sustainable way into the future is with an integrated approach combining business strategy, creativity and technology! Yes, he loves technology, and truly believes in technology serving the planet and humans! He is passionate about the potential for societal change through technological innovation.


Dean is also a speaker and blogger, and often participates in the Financial Industry conferences and panels. His main interest lies in the application of the emerging technologies to business model transformation. He is a member of both London and Paris Fintech and Blockchain scenes. He chairs the FinTech group of Paris Tech Advocates and mentors at Level39, the largest technology accelerator in Europe.


Dean proudly holds an MA in Applied Imagination in Creative Industries from the Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London since it immensely enriched and broadened his engineering background. Hence, he is the author of “Rolling Concepts in Design Thinking”, a method which triggers creative thinking and increases the scope of generated solutions in Design Thinking and Innovation. He is also one of the co-authors of WelthTECH book. He contributed the section ‘How Blockchain drives innovation in Asset Management’.